Public Address Pointers


    Picking a Good Piece

      Make sure it’s something the performer can relate to, or has a passion for

      A strong theme and direct argument is great (almost necessary) in a public address

      Take time to actually listen to the speech being given online

      Some good sources

      TED Talks

      Commencements Addresses

      Advocacy Speeches to government

      Political Speeches


      Watch a video of the full thing while reading the transcript

      See if there are any shortened adaptations online - good starting point

      If possible, don’t just take one solid section of the piece

      Determine what argument or message you think is the most important

      Keep parts that directly relate to this

      It’s nice to have fluff and examples, but don’t let them take too much time

      Take sections from all over but keep the transitions SMOOTH

      Make sure that your cut version keeps the standard model

      Intro, body, and conclusion


    Practicing and Performing

      Keep all of the practices you use in other categories

      Gestures, Emphasis, Volume, etc

      Eye Contact - dont just scan, take time to impact one person at a time.

      Make every single person feel like your message is directed at them

      Read through it so many times that it’s memorized before you need to start memorizing

      If possible, don’t use a notecard

      The ultimate goal would to have audience feel compelled to act on what you’ve spoken about