Q and A for contest and practice this coming season..please see the guidance on the web site for more info .. watch the video from Nov 11th for more answers to questions.  Most of the questions are answered in the guidance and in the video.   We will add more answers here as we move into the contest season in January.


1.      Our school has gone to 100% virtual can we still practice or have debate meets?  YES, but it must all be done in the virtual format.  You can continue to practice in virtual and have debate competition  in virtual.  If you are 100% for school there can be no in person live contact for speech, theatre, and debate.   Please see DOE ruling below.

August 14, 2020

Department of Education Issues: “Reopening and Public Health Frequently Asked Questions”

 If our district or nonpublic school moves to 100% online or remote learning can we still offer extracurricular activities? 

All in-person activities and practices would need to be suspended during the period of 100% remote learning. Offering in-person activities would be incompatible with the goal of mitigating higher rates of virus transmission. Extracurricular activities could still be conducted virtually. 

If a family chooses 100% online or remote learning is the student still eligible for extracurricular activities? 

Any otherwise eligible student remains academically eligible. A district may, at their discretion, determine that a request to participate in in-person extracurricular activities is inconsistent with the claim that the student could not attend school in-person.

2.     Does our school decide how we are going to do contest this year or do I find that out from the State Office or Contest Manager?  Your school makes that decision on how to run contest this year.  Please see the guidance on the web site for your options.


3.     How do I find a judge for our contest?  Contact your contest manager they will have a listing or contact the state office for a listing of judges that can be used at your contest.


4.     Can a judge be a novice or from our home town and judge our school this year?  Yes, however they must have IHSSA certification this year.