NOVICE COACHES… Do you feel like you are about to start out on an endless speech journey without a team? Feeling lost and hopeless? Have no fear: we are here to help. Come to the Novice Session to learn about finding materials, registering for contests, and just understanding the different categories.  As your fellow team members, we hope to answer all your questions to help you reach your speech Field of Dreams! 



EXPERIENCED COACHES  Field of Dreams provided an emotional attachment to a happier time for the players.  Understanding the interpersonal dynamics of relationships will be discussed and demonstrated in the Experienced Coaches Workshop.  Various activities will be provided with a hands-on demonstration and a post-activity reflection will analyze the impact of this classroom learning experience.  Attendees will be encouraged to share activity ideas.



IHSSA COACHES CONVENTION FOR CREDIT - Fall 2018 IHSSA Convention Workshop  - 2 UNI credit hours

4133/5133 (undergraduate/graduate credit)

Title:  The Listening-Thinking Connection for the Classroom and Beyond

Instructors:  Melissa L. Beall and Marilyn M. Shaw

Course runs:  October 6-December 17, 2018


Description:This listening workshop allows participants to study the theory of cognitive constructs, processes of listening and thinking, methods of improving knowledge and skills, as well as career/classroom applications.  Students will read on-line information as well as watch relevant YouTube clips and TEDTalks and discuss issues with each other, on-line, to reflect on Listening and Thinking and applications for your classrooms and competitive events.


Learning Outcomes/Course Objectives

When finished with this course you should be able to:

1. Recognize listening as an active process.

2.Describe how listening helps you make connections with others in all aspects of your life.

3.Explain the complex nature of the listening process.

4.Analyze the role of feedback on communicators’ ability to listen effectively.

5.Differentiate among the functions of listening behavior.

6.Select specific attitudes and behaviors to help you overcome the barriers to listening.

7.Identify instances where you must be a critical listener.

8. Judge the concepts of thinking preferences and how they affect our lives.

9. Consciously employ an awareness of your own and others’ thinking preferences by adapting your own messages to others and maintaining and openness to listening to others’ messages.

10. Describe the affect thinking preferences have on the communication process.

11. Critically evaluate information to which we listen. 

Specific modules will be shared in the next SWIFT and at the IHSSA Convention in October.  Questions?  Contact Melissa at Melissa.Beall@uni.edu (319-273-2992) or Marilyn at Marilyn.Shaw@uni.edu (319-273-7478).


Balancing Life with Speech Family…  Acknowledging the time commitment required of our Speech family (students, coaching, contests, practice, etc) but  finding a balance with our regular lives amidst all of those requirements.  


Life Hacks for LG Contest… Learn all the necessary coaching hacks to surviving and thriving during large group speech season.  From organizing your speech files to packing for speech contest to creative and compact scenic elements, these time-tested tips will help any coach have their dream speech season.


SMT/ Acting… The Art of Coaching Solo Musical Theatre and Acting for Individual Events Speech

Whatever your discipline or level of teaching, coaching, and directing, my hope is that the thoughts, strategies, and processes shared in my session will bring you to a deeper understanding of what’s involved in coaching, rehearsing, and performing a solo musical theatre song or acting selection for Individual Events Speech. The session will offer participants practical methods for successful integration of performance elements with the goal of passing these knowledges along to your student performers for future use. After all, it’s all about acting solo!


Fine Arts Standards… Finally our dreams are a reality: The Fine Arts Standards have been developed through the Iowa Department of Education and approved by the Iowa legislature.  It is now time to study them for their implication in our schools and their implementation in our classroom. Though not required, but highly recommended, these Fine Arts Standards can be both taught as stand-alone courses or through instructional inclusion. The bases are loaded: The 21st Century Skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity serve as a means of including those Fine Arts Standard in classroom or in any other disciplines in our schools. Let's go for a home run:  The teacher participants will not only understand the Fine Arts Standards and the value of the 21st Century Skills but also generate possibilities of their integration standards and skills for immediate application to their own teaching and their students' learning.


Group Improv: Application for the classroom leadership… Improvisors practice more than just comedic timing and quick wit. Improv develops a number of skills that translate to life and the work place. Approaching life with a “Yes, and…” attitude opens opportunities and cultivates a positivity that benefits everyone. Improv enhances individual skills such as self-confidence, concentration, focus, and public speaking.  An improvisor’s sense of cooperation, teamwork, connection with others and advanced problem solving are just a few examples of capabilities employers and colleges are looking for. This session will share ideas and experiences to integrate improv skills into your teams and your classroom for everyday life and leadership skills.


One Coach Programs: How do I do this all alone?... We’ve heard the call- “If YOU build it…” Wait, me? All by myself? This session focuses on the specific ways to make your 1 coach program run like a dream: batting 1,000 at time management, practice schedules, and communication; encouraging busy kids to participate without feeling like you're stealing bases; pulling volunteers off the bench and utilizing them; creating a devoted popcorn-munching fan base of parents, athletic coaches, and students; and putting student leaders up to bat. Most of all, we will discuss how 1 coach programs can start small, build on success, and “they WILL come.”


Mime...What is that you say?... You will be taken through the steps they use to create a mime collaboratively with students as well as give you some helpful tips about technique.  Tips on how to bring music into your mine and how to use it.  You will see that mime is an approachable and manageable category and that anyone can be successful in it!


IE’s in 40 Minutes… Getting a Higher IE Yield. This session will discuss the different aspects of IE Speech contest.  Since LG and IE are very different, we will give a suggested timeline to help you work through the IE season.  Each IE season will pose its own set of challenges, so we will attempt to help you navigate through these.  By the end of the session, our goal is for you to feel confident in the field from cultivating the soil, planting the seeds, supporting the growth, and reaping the yield.


Royalties-Getting the Proper Rights … Coming back this year for his 2nd at bat is Dr. James Weaver from the NFHS.  He will provide tips & ideas on how to obtaining permission to perform your material for contest season.


Ed Camp… Want to hit a home-run for speech season this year, but feel like you are hitting fly balls in the area of organization?  Are you looking for a change-up in your speech season or routine?  Looking for a pinch-hitting idea to really load your bases this year?  Look no further than this year’s EdCamp Session;  it’s  a whole new experience!  You decide the topics, drive the conversations, and learn from each other.  Our role is simply to facilitate conversation around four main bases:  Planning/preparation, Rehearsing/Directing, Events and Rules, and Resources 
Your role is  to bring a topic or question for discussion in one or more of these areas.  EdCamp is built around you, so you decide the outcome of the game!  Come and join Kelly, Emily, Laurel, and Carrie



TV News : Apps/Editing/Production for all… Apps, editing, production…OH MY! Want to learn how to master these daunting tasks for Television Newscast, then this session is just for you. We’ll take a beginner look into the basic fundamentals of post-production for your television newscast. What application’s works best, how to navigate them, and tips and tricks to make it easier for you and your students to put together a quality newscast. A recommended beginner session, but all are welcome to attend!


Engaging with the Text: Prose, Poetry and Lit Program… Batter Up - This session will help you understand textual analysis. Once you have found the right piece of literature, we will explore how to hit a home run with analyzing and interpreting the written word. We will look at layers of meaning, interpretation of the author's intent, and transforming the text into an oral interpretation. You will be certain to be outstanding in your field  after this session.


No Kids, No $, No Support, No Problem… Is your roster looking a bit thin?  Not many people in the stands?  Don't worry, because if you coach it,  they will come!  Hustle up to this Q & A session and find out the best ways to fundraise, recruit students to your team and get support from parents, community and administration.  Let Vince and Derek show you how to hit a home run this season!


Readers Theatre…. Reader's especially for Theater Geeks-- This Reader's Theater session will focus on doing Reader's as more of a play with scripts for those of us who have a drama background rather than speech. Prepare to explore developing scripts, staging simply, and using the infamous black wood boxes.


Bringing it all Together in Radio News Announcing… Presenter Brian Dean Christensen—a former WHO Radio news anchor and talk show host with 23 years of professional radio experience, will discuss ways to develop positive working templates for IE Radio News, to encourage students to prepare newscasts, and provide coaches with confidence so they can develop confident Radio News contestants.  Bring your questions and prepare to create your own newscasts—if you can do it, your students can, too! Ideas will be shared as to where to find good practice copy even if you do not work for a major journalism outfit! You may even want to bring scissors and tape!




LG ALL-STATE, Suzi Jones & Ashlee Whittington; IE ALL-STATE, Jacque Seidl; THESPIANS/EDTA,  Bill Myatt: 

DON’T DQ ME, Le Cox & Dirk Waller; POETRY OUTLOUD, Yvette Hermann;  SPEECH TIPS FOR ANY CLASSROOM, Allison Koontz;


Jerry Woods; WRITING FOR CONTEST, Melissa Marzen;  5 QUICK WARM-UPS, Shawn Starr.


Judge Certification… The ‘team’ of Debbie DeVore, Mark Morehead, Dirk Waller, Stacy Hansen, and Liesl Roorda will make sure your judging game plan is ready for this year.