Coaches Convention session and handouts

Links for recorded coaches convention sessions and handouts

Here are the links for each coaches convention session and the handouts that were used for the session.

Session for Sept. 30th.. teaching online and vitrtual play production

Teaching Online handouts

Virtual Play Production handouts

Session for Oct 14 .. Self Care and Storytelling (posted Oct 19th)

Self Care Notes

Self Care Powerpoint

Storytelling in Covid

Judge Certification Sesson from Oct 10th convention session (materials were sent to you if you need them contact

Session for Oct. 28.. Mime and Short Film (posted Nov5th)

Short Film interactive notes and comment page

Mime Presentation with interactive links

Session for Nov. 11 .. Copyright and NFHS Materials and Contest Guidance for 2021 (posted Nov. 16th.)

Dr. Weaver's powerpoint on copyright and NFHS materials

Permission Links for Virtual contests

Virtual Platroms for Performing Arts Contests

IHSSA Powerpoint for Contest Guidance