Contest Guidance for 2021

Guidance for contest for 2021

Please know this is guidance for how we are going to do contest at this time. That could change before we get to those contest dates.. please watch the web site for updates each week. Also be sure to check the Covid Resources and info area of the web site each week for more help and guidance. Please watch the webinar that deals with this guidance on the web site. Guidelines, mandates, requirements, and/or ordersÓ from federal, local or county government entities, health departments, and school districts should take precedence.

General Guidance for IHSSA Contest in 2021

The in person option for contest guidance

The virtual guidance hosted by the local school

The virtual guidance hosted by the IHSSA

Q and A guidance for Virtual presentations

Q and A for Contest updated often (updated Jan 8)

Video on how to speak and act in a mask

Session for Nov. 11 .. Copyright and NFHS Materials and Contest Guidance for 2021 (posted Nov. 16th.) This was the webinar that has the Q and A about how contest will run too.