Covid Information, Sources and Guidance

Links for Covid information, sources and guidance

There are many links for you to use in working with your students for Theatre, Speech and Debate activities. More guidance and suggestions for working with Theatre, Speech, and Debate activities will be posted as we move along. Guidelines, mandates, requirements, and/or ordersÓ from federal, local or county government entities, health departments, and school districts should take precedence.

NFHS Performing Arts Covid -19 Resource info

Suggestions and Guidance for the Drama Classroom and/or Theatre work from IHSSA

Guidance for reopening Theatre from EdTA

Concord Theatricals Resources for Innovative and Flexible shows for 2020-2021

DOE Covid - 19 Guidance page for schools

DIY Masks for Singers (theatre performers)

Ludus Safety Checklist:Hosting a Safe, Socially Distant Show

Performing Arts Aerosol Study results/guidance (NFHS/CBDNA) - updated 8/14/2020

Performing Arts Signs for Posting

MTI Webinar workshops for producing shows online

TEACH Act Explained - Copyright Guidance for Distance Learning

Online Streaming Links and resources