IHSSA Required Forms

BMI form
BMI License

Entry Forms
Medical Permission Form
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Award Forms
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Contest Aids ( New '17 DVD's of IE All-State events)
Contest Aids
Coaches Manual and other material order forms 2018-2021 constitution replacement
Constitution , Sample Packet, replacement items
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Judges' Manual
Contest Area Evaluation Forms
Acting Comment Sheet
After Dinner Comment Sheet
Choral Reading Comment Sheet
Ensemble Acting Comment Sheet
Expos Comment Sheet
Group Improv Comment Sheet
Group & Solo Mime Comment Sheet
Hall Of Fame Ballot
Spontaneous Comment Sheet
Improv Comment Sheet
Lit Program Comment Sheet
One Act Comment Sheet
OO Comment Sheet
Poetry Prose Comment Sheet
Public Address Comment Sheet
Radio News (IE)Comment Sheet(new for 2017)
Readers Theatre Comment Sheet
Reviewing Comment Sheet
Storytelling Comment Sheet
Television Comment Sheet (new for 2015)
Musical Theatre Comment Sheet
Radio Broadcasting Comment Sheet (new for 2019)
Short Film Comment Sheet
Solo Musical Theatre Comment Sheet
AAA Form
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