TO: IHSSA Member Schools

RE: Musical Theatre

Great news! Negotiations with MTI (Music Theatre International) have been completed. MTI will allow any IHSSA school to do any of their selections as a cutting for the Musical Theatre area of Large Group Competition. Here is what you will have to do:

1) Get the MTI Musical Theatre rights form off the IHSSA web page or contact the State Office (this form will be ready by January). Do not contact MTI for this form!

2) Fill out said form.

3) Then send in $ 75.00 to MTI with the form (This cannot be a PO, it must be a check or a money order). If you donšt have an account with MTI you will need to send in a letter on school letterhead with your order form and money. Said letter must state you are a member of the IHSSA and you will be doing this cutting for the IHSSA contest series. Plus school address, phone number, and contact person. Most schools in Iowa already have an account with MTI. If you have done a show with MTI you will have an account.

4) Then MTI will send you a perusal copy of the show, which will include, 1 score, and 5 scripts.

5) In turn you will be allowed to cut any scene and do any song/dialogue from that show. Plus you could make copies for your ensemble if you need to.

6) You can use recorded music which is required by the IHSSA constitution (Article XXIX, Section 4, Clause 7).

7) Finally when you are done performing said selection, send back the perusal and then MTI will refund $50.00 of your original $75.00. MTI address: 421 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019

This is great news from MTI! For only $25 you will be able to do a cutting from any of their shows for every level of the IHSSA Large Group contest series. Total cost even if you earn the right to go to All-State will be only $25.00. Plus, BMI and ASCAP have allowed you to do any of their material free for the IHSSA contest series. Special thanks to Michael McDonough and MTI for their extra work for the IHSSA. This is a group that really cares about young people and theatre.

Craig Ihnen

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