Here is the url for the on-line registration for the IHSSA.
Thank you all for being understanding this year and waiting for the new improvements for on-line registration! Thanks!!


Over the holiday break, if you are experiencing any issues with the forms, please email Deb Robbins at
In your email message, please indicate the following:

1. Which form you are experiencing problems.
2. At which step/page in the form are you experiencing problems.
3. Type of computer you are using.
4. Type of browser and version of browser you are using.
Thank you!  
A couple of things to remember before you start:
1. Any form you enter will be your official form for your school!
2. When you login for the first time, you will be asked to create a new password and fill out your profile information.
3. 9th grade and High School coaches will have unique/separate login information.
4. This year you will be able to Save the forms and come back later to complete. At the bottom of each screen will be three options:
Save Form - Allows you to save the form to complete later.
Submit Application - When all information is completed, click on Submit Application to submit the form to IHSSA.
Edit Previous Page - To return to the previous page
PLEASE NOTE: A form is only submitted to IHSSA when you click on the Submit Application button.
Once you have Saved or Submitted a form, a record of the form will be listed on your Main Menu screen for your review. Make sure to save enough time to fill out the forms completely in December/January."
5. Entry Cards - You have the ability to create multiple entry cards and batch print the entry cards from the Main Menu screen. Single print option is still available.
6. Be sure to have a PO # or Check number.
7. You still send cards to the district site!
8. The e-mail addresses that you use must be correct and not made-up addresses. An official notice will be sent to you after an entry is made from the IHSSA.
9. Always be sure to print 2 copies of your final page for your records.
10. Be sure you are using a level 5 browser or higher. This should not be a problem, unless you are using an older machine. Upgrading your browser is a free upgrade and your tech person should be able to help you with this, if this is a problem.
11. If you have concerns or questions call the office.