Experimental 2010

                                                                        Short Film                

         Section 1. Entries.

      Clause 1. Each school will be entitled to enter one Short Film in the District Contest.

               Clause 2.  The cast /crew of Short Film will consist of between two and fifteen students.

         Section 2. Selections/Materials.

               Clause 1. Short film shall be original in nature and may be collaborative effort between the students.

               Clause 2.  Short film may be a remake of another personÕs idea or thoughts.

Clause 3. Materials used, or the manner of presentation, by students in the Short Film area deemed by the local contest judge(s) to be obscene or disruptive may receive lower ratings, or in some cases may result in disqualification.

         Section 3. Length. The length of the performance is no longer than 5 minutes in length from opening title screen to final credits.

         Section 4. Preparation and Presentation.

Clause 1. The entry must bring their own media formatted presentation and at least one school representative (coach and/or student) to the Contest Site.  The judges and those members of the cast/crew present will view media formatted presentation together.

               Clause 2. If any schoolÕs presentation does not match the host schoolÕs media player, the school must bring its own equipment.

               Clause 3. Music must be original, documented public domain material, or copyrighted material used with permission.

Clause 4. Student will be permitted to use any audio-visual aids and/or properties that will enhance their presentation.  The film will bear no school identification.

               Clause 5.  All material in short film may be performed by students, claymation, animation,  and / or objects.

               Clause 6.  All aspects of the film may be edited at any time and enhanced with video effects.

               Clause 7.  Graphics, animation, or video effects can be used at any time to enhance concepts of the short film.

               Clause 8.  Multimedia elements and effects may be used and edited.

Section 5. Timing   Timing for  Short Film will start with opening title screen or first visual and will conclude with final credits or when film is stopped.

         Section 6. Judging. Judging will be based on effective storyline, technical aspects, acting, and overall presentation.

         Section 7. Winners.

Clause 1. A Short Film with a Division I rating may compete in the State Contest.  The same film or an edited remake of the original may be used.

               Clause 2. A performer winning Division I rating in the State Contest the preceding year may not use the same selection the next year.














Experimental 2010




Questions - Answers

1.      Q. May we use another personÕs idea, short story, or film for our script idea?

         A. Yes

2.      Q. May I use animals or objects for characters in our film?

         A. Yes.

3.      Q. Am I allowed to film at any time of year?

         A.  Yes, as long as the students are eligible for contest.

4.      Q.  Must a film include a sound track?

         A.  No, a film could be just visuals.

5.      Q.  Can more than one camera and video mixer be used to enhance the short film?

         A.  Yes, you may use any equipment that your students are able to work with, that includes equipment that you may choose to rent or borrow from other groups.

6.      Q.  Can we change and edit our film between District and State contest?

A.  Yes

7.      Q.  May an adult appear in the film?

         A.  Yes, as long as they are considered secondary to the performance of the short film.

8.      Q.  May we use clips from other sources (ie: TV, films and video)?

         A.  Yes, but the video must be secondary to the production.

9.      Q.  Can we do a remake of a well-known story or event?

         A.  Yes.

10.    Q. May a documentary be done in short film?

         A. Yes, students may even assume roles of well-known individuals for this event.

11.    Q.  May a series of Commericals be filmed for short film?

         A.  Yes

12.    Q. May a newscast be used for the entire Short Film?

         A.  No, however a short newscast maybe used in part of the film to further the storyline.

13.    Q. Must the entire film be original in nature?

         A. No, parts of the film can be video clips from other sources.

14.    Q.  Can we have more than 15 students in front of the camera for short film?

         A.  No, but crowd scenes are not considered part of the cast and can be used.

15.    Q.  If I use animation for our short film how many students can be listed as part of the crew?

                  A.   The Short Film area can have two through fifteen students in the event.