Fall 2017 IHSSA Convention Workshop  (2 UNI credit hours)

4133/5133 (undergraduate/graduate credit)

Title:  Advocacy for Communication in K-12 Schools

Instructors:  Melissa L. Beall and Marilyn M. Shaw

Course runs:  October 6-December 18, 2017


Description:  Communication competence and skills are usually identified as the most important characteristics for success in the classroom, at work, and in all aspects of U.S. society.  Unfortunately, while educators and employers extol the need for such competencies, bureaucrats and lawmakers fail to support them in K-12 classrooms.  When budgets are cut, those in the communication arts (speaking, listening, performing)—the ones providing students with some of the greatest life skills they need—are often among the first classes to go.  Individual teachers need to make parents, administrators, state and national legislators, and taxpayers aware of the difference communication education can make in students’ lives and in the general welfare of society.


This two credit hour workshop course will provide teachers the opportunities to promote K-12 communication education in their own schools and in society at large.

Assignments will give teachers the opportunity to create communication opportunities for students and advocate for more classes, the development of clear standards, and the adaptation of their communication activities to the Common Core and Every Student Succeeds Act standards.  But that is not enough!  We must all do our part to ensure student communication opportunities across all levels and across the entire nation.  Advocacy projects will be created and shared to garner necessary support for strong communication programs for all K-12 students.


Learning Objectives:


1.     Develop an advocacy plan for you and your students.

2.     Implement that advocacy plan.

3.     Create lessons, assignments, activities and projects for you and your students.

4.     Create or adapt and apply rubrics to measure student learning.

5.     Share projects through advocacy efforts in your own school district.


Specific modules will be shared in the next SWIFT and at the IHSSA Convention in October.  Questions?  Contact Melissa at Melissa.Beall@uni.edu (319-273-2992) or Marilyn at Marilyn.Shaw@uni.edu (319-273-7478).