Large Group - Constitutional Rule Updates for large groups


New Rule Changes for 2022-2023 for the IHSSA Constitution




Article V, General Contest Provision

Page 20; Section 24   change: To “odd years” for rule changes.


Article XXVI, Group Mime and Solo Mime

Pages 55 & 57; Sections 4, Clause 5 and 3 :Allow contestants to provide their own uniform chairs. Per amount of each area.

Page 55; Section 4 Clause 5 & Page 57 Section 4 Clause 3   Add to the phrase, “provided by the contest manager or the participating school may be used as the performer sees fit.”  

Article XXXI, Radio Broadcasting 

Page 65; Section 1 Clause 1  Change to  “Each school will be entitled to enter THREE Radio Broadcasting entries in the District Contest”. 

Page 65; Section 2, Clause 3  Change to “Entries will include one or more commercials or sponsorships of original nature totaling approximately 30-35 seconds.”

Page 65; Addition of Casebook Questions

 Q. Could commercial (s) of length greater than 45 seconds or arranged in a way that affects the cohesion  and flow of the broadcast justify a lower rating?

 A. Yes

Q. How many commercials can a radio broadcasting have?

A. They may have multiple commercials but total time cannot exceed 45 seconds.

Article XXXII, Short Film 

Page 66; Section 1 Clause 1 Change to “Each school will be entitled to enter THREE Short Films in the District Contest.

Page 66; Section 4, Clause 6-8 Proposed: Combine clauses 6-8 form brevity will now read Clause 6 : All aspects of the film may be edited at any time and it can be enhanced with the use of video effects, graphics, animation and multimedia. 

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