The IHSSA believes "good communicators equal great citizens." The IHSSA provides a family to a diverse group of high school students, inspiring their voices and empowering their identities through large group, individual, and debate activities.  

The IHSSA is home to over 40,000 + students, 490+ school memberships, 800+ judges plus YOU!

Each year, the IHSSA hosts 27 District Contests, 9 State Contests, and 2 All-State Festivals in addition to a Coaches Convention and multiple Judge Certification Clinics.

The IHSSA is built upon the belief that no other form of activity is any more important than that of learning to communicate effectively.  

According to the National Speech & Debate Association, schools who offer programming report:

  • Increased attendance
  • Higher test scores
  • Rise in college acceptance
  • Unique benefits for at-risk students
  • Reduced drop-out rates

The Educational Theatre Association points out that "Participating in theatre builds students’ creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking abilities. Arts education drives better outcomes for students, including higher graduation rates and SAT scores."

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